Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Molecular Sieves Powder Coating – What are the Major Applications?

Molecular sieves powder is a desiccated synthetic powder form of 4A and 3A molecular sieves and is used in some special adsorbents applications including petrochemical product purification for increasing strength and creating a pollution free atmosphere. Molecular sieves are a comprehensive sodium silicate and aluminum oxide structure, which permits the adsorption of several molecules on the basis of its polarity and size.

The molecular sieve powder is also used for compounding and formulating applications. It is even helpful in reducing the level of moisture significantly along with a high adsorption capacity. All these adsorbents function using a simple physical procedure, so that no hazardous reactions are formed that could affect the overall production properties. Molecular sieves powder coating for anti-corrosion treatment has also been widely accepted by various industries.

Molecular Sieves Powder Coating
Molecular Seive Powder

Why is molecular sieves powder coating used worldwide?

  •  The adsorption procedure is entirely physical; therefore, there are no side effects.
  •  High speed of adsorption and high capacity to scavenge water
  • Finely divided powder
  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • Simple to disperse
  • High quality
  • No foaming in PU systems
Applications of Molecular Sieves Powder Coating 

  • 2K- Polyurethane moldings and coatings
  • Highly efficient product for metal reactions
  • 1K- Polyurethane storage safety
  • Metallic pigment storage protection
  • Polysulfide and silicone systems
  • Carriers for chemicals
  • Polymer production processing aid
  • Cosmetics additive
  • Storage protection additives (hygroscopic goods)
  • Additives (flame retardants)
  • Powder Coating in several industries including the paint industry
  • Polyurethane Systems
Why use molecular sieve powder?

Water, even in small quantities, reacts readily with the isocyanate group to form CO2, which creates instability in the system. These sieves are the strongest water scavengers as they absorb water at extremely low concentrations. Besides eliminating foaming or bubbling in the system, the sieve powder also helps in keeping the weathering effects, such as blistering and cracking, away.

Major Applications

  - Flooring                              - Spray Coating  
  - Sealants and Adhesives         - Industrial Coatings
  - Tank and Pipe Coating          - Electrical Parts
Metallic Coatings for Anti-corrosion and Marine Applications
  • Paints that contain different metallic compounds, including copper, tin or zinc, require a water-free formulation which is where the molecular sieve powder helps. The molecular sieve powder when added to the formulation ensures that proper stability is maintained during the storage process.
  • The molecular sieve powder when added to the formulation ensures that proper stability is maintained during the storage process.

Why are molecular sieves powder coatings used here?
  • For eliminating hydrogen gas formation
  • For extending shelf life
  • For eliminating the risk of container bursting and bulging
With so many uses of molecular sieve powder coating evolving over a period of time, it can be easily concluded that this is a technology which is here to stay, especially in the coating and molding industry.

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