Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Molecular Sieve 13X for Effective Humidity Control

Molecular Sieves - An Introduction

Molecular Sieves are one of the most commonly found desiccants. With their evenly-sized pores, they can absorb moisture/impurity molecules, which are of the same size. Due to the even size, larger molecules will not be absorbed while the same sized small molecules can easily make their way through.

While Molecular Sieves have many different uses, they are mainly utilized in the column chromatography process. Here the Molecular Sieves act as a stationary phase, attracting the different components of the mixture, which has to be separated. When the chromatography process begins, the components having the highest molecular weight will leave the Molecular Sieve bed first. This happens because the heavier molecules are unable to pass through the molecular pores. It is only after the larger molecules move that the smaller molecules will move forward. Molecular Sieves also find use as desiccants.

Molecular Sieve 13X in Moisture Controlling

There are various grades of Molecular Sieves available in the market. These include Molecular Sieve 3A, 4A, 5A and 13X among others. While all these grades of Molecular Sieves are useful for different purposes, Molecular Sieve 13X is mainly used for the effective control of moisture in packaging, oil and gas and other sectors. The Molecular Sieve 13X is known to have a pore size opening equal to that of the 10A grade. This makes it handy in while removing moisture from liquid and gas refinements as it helps in the effective absorption for bi-molecule and tri-molecules.

There are many other reasons as well why Molecular Sieve 13X is used across industries. Molecular Sieve 13X can effectively co-adsorb CO2 and H2O, H2O and H2S. Molecular Sieve 13X also finds use as a desiccant for medical and compressor uses. This type of desiccant is also used as a catalyze carrier in industries.

Other than effective moisture control, Molecular Sieve 13X is also widely used in the air refining process by removing carbon dioxide and water. It is employed in the Oxygen PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) process. One can also effectively use Molecular Sieve 13X desiccant for the successful removal of grease and solvents from different substances.This is one of the most popular uses of Molecular Sieve 13X Other uses include removal of mercaptans and hydrogen sulphide from natural gas using patented Zeochem technology and effective removal of mercaptans and hydrogen sulphide from hydrocarbon liquids.

All these uses prove the high efficiency of Molecular Sieve 13X in not only moisture control but other areas as well

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