Monday, 13 October 2014

Non Toxic and Highly Absorbents Molecular Sieves

Molecular sieves are said to be those type of desiccants which although has almost same appearance with that of silica gel but has different completely different properties as compared to silica gel. This desiccant is produced synthetically with the help of metal amino silicates. Molecular sieves are absolutely safe to use with the food items as it is absolutely nontoxic but at the same time are highly porous. It appears to have a pinkish color, tiny opaque beads which have several internal cavities, connected with each other with the help of internal window openings.

13X Molecular sieve

The other type of desiccant is dehydrated ethanol. Ethanol dehydration means a process where the water molecules or something equivalent to water molecules are removed from the substance. Ethane and water is produced by dehydrating ethanol by heating it over certain temperature with sulfuric acid. The vapors of ethanol can be easily dehydrated by passing any type of heated catalyst, which will produce ethane gas. This process is also called as ethanol drying.

more detail click on this: Ethanol Dehydration Process withMolecular Sieves

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