Monday, 5 January 2015

Molecular Sieve Powder – A Widely Used Desiccant

Molecular sieve powder is utilized widely as a desiccant for drying up various environments and enclosed packaging units. It is a dehydrated synthetic powdery sieve which is easy to use. It has quick absorb ability and is, therefore, utilized in all kinds of adsorptive circumstances where maintaining the level of humidity is a must. These sieves can easily eliminate bobbles, remove water content and enhance strength. However, before you start using this desiccant in your manufacturing unit for packaging products, you must understand its functionality carefully. 

Molecular Sieve 3A
Molecular Sieve 3A
Molecular sieve 3a powder and molecular sieve 4a powder are the most popular forms of desiccants used in all kinds of manufacturing units. When packaging and storing items, these desiccants are utilized for keeping the moisture level under control. Known for its exceptional absorption capability, these are created using top quality ingredients. 3a molecular sieves are utilized as a powerful catalyst in industries like oil and petroleum. Eco-friendly, pure and precise in composition, this molecular sieve powder is easily available in the market. For meeting the huge demand, more and more manufacturers have started creating sieve powder units for various environments. 

Key Features

Reduces water content and maintains humidity level

Improves strength and uniformity

Molecular sieve powder and beads have the efficient performances of selectivity and adsorption. It is quite suitable with various applications of refrigerant desiccants and insulating glass desiccants. Sieve powder is used as a powerful catalyst in the process of purifying the crude oil. One of the best things about using this form of desiccant is that it is non-corrosive and non-hazardous in nature. 

Applications of Molecular Sieve Powder

Handling aid for efficient polymer production

A powerful desiccant for the polymer material production

2K- Polyurethane molding and coating

Efficient in Azeotropic and Ketal reactions

1K- Polyurethane storage safety

Storage safety for all kinds of metallic pigment paints

Key Essentials to Note While Using Molecular Sieve Powder

Even though the sieve powder is not flammable in nature; however, if it gets exposed to moisture, then it starts giving out heat. The dust that is formed through these sieve beads can also end up irritating sensitive tissues in your body and so you must wear the right gear for eye protection while handling these sieves.

Molecular sieve powder if used properly can prove to be a great alternative for you as far as keeping various environments dry is concerned.